Louisville Roll

Jim Lauderdale

I'm on a Louisville roll, going down, down, down
Down to the Ohio, just to knock around
You know I met a girl from Knoxville TownShe had bright red curls and her eyes were brown
I fell in love at first sight, yes I saw the light
But she did not agree, laughed at me, oh noThis story has been told before
Since days before the silver war
I'm just a poor lost soul, on a Louisville rollThe only girl who touched my heart
She took and tore it all apart
I'm just a poor lost soul, on a Louisville rollI loved a girl from Knoxville Town, from Knoxville, Tennessee
Don't know why she did not love me
All my life I could not see
I just know she broke my heart
Broke it for the very first timeGo down you Knoxville girl, you cannot be mine
you cannot be mine
You cannot be mine

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