Too Late

Omd (orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark)

My mother said when she got so concerned,
Don't play with fire and you'll never get burned.
Don't touch the flame and you'll never find out
My momma said that's what love's all about.
But it's too late
I've made up my mind
Love always shows when there's eyes it can blind
Too late
Something I've learned
Love lights the flame when there's hearts it can burn
My momma said when you can't find a friend
Don't get to close cause you know it may end

Don't get too deep cause you know you'll regret
Heartache and pain - in love that's what you get
This is dedicated baby
What more can I say
I won't love you more than I love you today
And I won't love you less
But I've made my mistakes
Stay away from love dear,
If that's what it takes.
Too late, too late, love always shows when there's hearts it can break.

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