Ghostface Christmas

Ghostface Killah

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]Holy Jesus, I gotta drop all these toys off
Mrs. Claus, Mrs. Claus, bring me my robe & my slippers
I gotta go!
[Ghostface Killah]Smell the pinetrees in the air, sleigh bells are ringing
Toy stores are out of control, and kids singing
That night before Christmas, dashing through the snow
Rudolph the Reindeer, red nose that glow
It's all about the candycanes and Christmas list
North Pole and that chubby jolly old Saint Nick
The little elves getting busy, in Santa workshop
And how gingerbread men keep they buttons on top
Wooden soldiers and chestnuts, rosting like marshmellows
Goodfellas, chocolate pudding pops and Jell-O's
It's the gift, the cookies and milk on the mantle
The mistletoe, that scent from that peppermint candles
That warm French vanilla, mean coat with zippers
Bareskin robe dragon with Versace slippers
Around the fireplace we breathe, shirts are short sleave
We stayin' up all night on Christmas Eve
[Chorus: Shawn Wigs]It's the season for sharing, season of the gift
Season for snow, it's December 25th
That time of the year, we dress like Saint Nick
Stirring whipcream into that hot cup of Quick
It's the season for sharing, season of the gift
Season for snow, it's December 25th

That time of the year, we suprise all the kids
Buy gifts for your loved ones and diamonds for ya wiz
[Ghostface Killah]I see snowmen, snowflakes, cinnamon cakes
Sisters and brothers, sliding down garbage can covers
Snowball fights, eggnog splashed with Hennessey
Bet Christmas is Christmas from New York to Tennessee
The Kris Kringles, the Jingling Babies
All them late nights wrapping gifts, driving you crazy
And Jack Frost is outside, freezing it up
Got the hood and the goose just to loosen you up
And all the homes is all lit with some many lights
See the trees through the windows, glittered up at night
Gingerbread house, bumping that Jingle Bell Rock
And all them little bad kids get coal in they socks
[Hook: Ghostface Killah]Ghost knows when you be sleeping
And Ghost knows when you are awake
And I know if you been bad or good
So be good for old Ghostface
[Chorus][Outro: Ghostface Killah]Hahahaha, we made it, wish you all a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year, hahahaha
And to all a good night, good night to all
To Staten Island, hahah, nah, cut it, cut it off - son

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