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A Crescent Man - Karibow

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A Crescent Man Lyrics

It's all inside you. It's natural, it's come to find you, it's all inside you, it's all inside.
Lost peace, love bleeds
and you rest in my desire!
Pause, freeze, I'm incomplete
but I rest in your desire!
No one touches the weakness that I feel.
No one wanted to take it all for real.
They expect me to change the way I am.
They don't want me to do it all again.
And it calls you, and it fools you,
and it rests in your desire!
And it calls me, and it fools me,
and it rests in my desire!
No one touches the weakness that I feel...

They're afraid I could do it all again!
You make me cry. You make me fly.
You make me feel so unreal.
You make me scream for self-steem.
You make it seem impossible!
You make me cry...
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