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Glow - James Bay

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Glow Lyrics

You see that glow that hot gloss,
That hot gloss, that hot gloss.
You see that glow that hot gloss,
That hot gloss that hot gloss
I fuck around with that playmate
Twenty thousand my day rate
Eight and seven course meal now
People say that I gain weight
All you rappers you ain't safe
Pull money save face,
Been the shit still the shit
Just double up, exchange rate
Guess I'm just grown up now
Duckin up shut the fuck down
Had this beat to pick said I need the beat
To show this clowns I don't fuck around
Asking me about money, wonder what's my network
People tryin to consume me, but I call up Jay G WetWorth

Yeah I glow, they don't
I suppose let em go
Spend Racks on my coat
Fuck a whip just bought me a boat
My flow is gross,
Be brave get it I was toast
Without one the reason
You aint' close, get it, no
Oh you ain't now, oh you ain't now
Since I was bond, since I was bond
My mom was gone, my mom was gone
No I was pow,
Girl my mom any bitch I just go, I just go
And my wrist was cold, my wrist was cold
My love will snow, my love will snow
But I need light foe
Girl I'm burning the bitch I just glow
I'm so special, I'm so special
I'm so special, I'm so special
I'm so special, girl I'm bright is a bitch I just glow
I'm so special, I'm so special
I'm so special, I'm so special
I'm so special, I'm so special
Girl I'm ridin a bitch I just glow
I rap a lot, rap a lot, don't be afraid to just act a shot
Have jam like when shot grab a lot
I'm going in like a madden shot
Don't rap sweet like Apricots
Shut the fuck up you don't have to talk
I'ma lay back and my ass on top
Got the game on match a lot sucker
You don't see cash a lot, bitch act like you bet you not
Pull my dick in her ass twice and
Look back like that the spot
Pull me I'm counting money, playing round the money
Shawty I ain't shit with asking money
Like A bout to money
Well kind of ease if you out of money
Mad millions that's the name
Most dope that's the game
Drunk a bit so glad you came
So I'm taking off the clothes tryin have the train
Hoes lovers tryin to fuck with no robbers fuck out me
Nigga fuck each other, on tour nigga fuck the runner
Mother fucker just shit you need
You ain't fuck around my team
Tryin to live it all of your dreams
Here to kill yourself esteem
And my flow as parrow
Smoke a blunt and my eyes clothes
Middle fingers up high though and the song on a High note
[Chorus:]I be eating that Pink slime
Mother fucker

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James Bay is a 24 year-old artist who possesses that untarnished strain of talent that many newcomers lose as they develop over time. His raw expressions and graveled voice work in a magical unison that captivates audiences and strips pop melodies back to a skeletal efficiency. Hailing from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, James is a young singer-songwriter who has already gained a great reputation thanks to stints at Communion's monthly night at Notting Hill Arts Club in London and a hugely successful run of support slots with Tom Odell, John Newman and Kodaline.

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