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Green Card - Etana

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Green Card Lyrics

Green Card by Etana.
Oh yeah
Ooh Ooh
It's all in your mind
It's all how you think
Rise and live
ooh yeah yeah
ooh ooh
{Green card cause sufferation
separation forced assimilation
confuse the nation to confirmation}×2
Verse 2
Now we stand on a quest to find a way
Join in line to do what they say
Fight against our own we do this all day
Selfishness is the order of the day

There is no regard there is no love
Not for the young not for the old
Forgetting everything about where we come from
Taking selfies with a dead man
Hearts on gold,destruction
But Jah is our way to redemption
ooh yeah
Love is the way to redemption
Verse 2
Speaking in tongue,that's not our own
We gave them love,they took our goal
Can't talk to hard,or they break you down
Silence and all rebellious soul
Everything that is worse is
And they should know there is no stopping
The youths start rising again
Strong we will be stronger again
Everything that is worse is
And they should know there is no stopping
The youths start winning again
We will be winning again
Lyrics Submitted by Deejay Fraser

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Arguably the most prolific female vocalist in present day Reggae singer/ songwriter Etana has struck a cord with the masses and like any beautiful melody she’s winning the hearts of the people one song at a time. Spirited in her approach to communicate fitting and inspirational messages to the youth she’s been described by critics as the truth, one who will bring about real change with her powerful and captivating voice that at times seem flawlessly pure.

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