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Hold on to Jane - The Thornbirds

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Hold on to Jane Lyrics

Hold On To Jane
The Thornbirds
She tells me they're blue, but at first glance her eyes may seem grey
Confesses her love to me, but I've a feeling it's changed
... uh-huh
Ooh ...
If I could just follow the setting sun
Ooh ...
I'd be with her again
And with her, I would stay
I can see no other way to hold on to Jane
hold on to Jane
I wonder what goes through her mind when she sits down for tea
I wonder if she ever wonders the same about me
... yeah

Ooh ...
If only I knew what she felt for sure
Ooh ...
The love that I feel for her
My words lack the power to say
I guess there's no way to be sure to hold on to Jane
Ooh ...
hold on to Jane
... oh yeah
Miles away burdened by all of the weights of the world
Patiently waiting for one of the millions of girls
Ohh ...
The moment I look in her eyes again
Ohh ...
The truth will be clear to me then
and never confuse me the same
I guess there was never a way
to hold on to Jane

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