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I'm In Love (2007 Remastered Single Version) - Wilson Pickett

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I'm In Love (2007 Remastered Single Version) Lyrics

Im in love, yes I am
Love, love, love
Im in love, sho nuff in love
My friends all wonder what's come over me
Im as happy as a man can be
Im in love (love, love)
Im in love (love, love) love
Im in love (love, love)
Im so glad I can tell the world
(love, love, love)
Im too proud on my own
(love, love, love)
Yes I am
(love, love, love)
Im sho nuff in love
(love, love, love)

I feel just like a baby boy (ooooo)
On a Christmas mornin with a brand new toy
Im in love (love, love)
Im in love, love, love
Im in love (love, love)
Sho nuff in love (love, love)
I can shout about it, yeah
(love, love, love)
I can cry about it sometime
(love, love, love)
Whoa sho nuff in love
(love, love, love)
Sho nuff in love, yes I am
(love, love, love)
I can knock on wood, now
(love, love, love
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Wilson Pickett (March 18, 1941 – January 19, 2006) was an American R&B and soul singer. Known for his raw, passionate delivery, he was a major figure in the development of Southern soul music. One of the most popular black singers of the '60s, Wilson Pickett helped introduce the aggressive, rhythmic style of soul music. Aided immeasurably by the excellent studio bands backing him at the Stax Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals Alabama, Pickett scored a series of R&B and pop hits on Atlantic Records between 1963 and 1972 that included "In the Midnight Hour...

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