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Levemente (En Vívo) - Reik

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Levemente (En Vívo) Lyrics

Intento resolver el misterio de tu adiós
No tienes cuartada,
No tienes palabra,
No tienes corazón.Un velo de tristezas,
Empaña mi visión.He sobrepasado...
El umbral del dolor.Tu ausencia es el invierno
Más largo que he vivido.
El lamento y los recuerdos
No se han ido...Levemente, cada vez que el viento sopla,
te respiro;
Bajo el montón de la noche,
diariamente te alucino.Extraño tu fragancia,
marchita desde entonces,
El tiempo la secó...
no, no...Mi corazón
No es una flor,
Irradia dolor.Tu silencio fue la más triste conversación que haya tenido.
No sé cuánto tiempo desde entonces ha transcurrido.

Uh, oh, no, no, no, no...Levemente, cada vez que el viento sopla, te respiro;
Bajo el montón de la noche, diariamente, te alucino...
Levemente, cada vez que el viento sopla te respiro;
Bajo el montón de la noche diariamente, te alucino...
No, uh ohh...
Levemente, cada vez que el viento sopla, te respiro;
Bajo el montón de la noche, diariamente, te alucino.
Levemente, cada vez que el viento sopla, te respiro...
Vazquez Ramos, Abelardo / Ortiz, MarcosPublished by
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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Reik is a Mexican band from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Formed by Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas (Lead Vocals), Julio Ramírez Eguía (Guitar, Backing Vocals), and Gilberto Marín Espinoza "Bibi" (Backing Guitar, Backing Vocals).

In 2003, Jesús Navarro and Julio Ramirez started their then-nascent musical project, tentatively called "Reik". It was then they recorded their first demos, which were released through the Mexican underground club scene. Two of the most successful demos — "Levemente" and "Ahora Sin Ti " — brought more widespread coverage across Mexico. In early 2004, Reik invited Gilberto to join the band. They have been famous ever since, mainly in Latin America, Mexico, and southern parts of the United States. Their videos have been broadcasted on famous music television channels, such as MTV and HTV.

Reik is the debut album, the first single "Yo Quisiera" got heavy rotation on Mexican pop radio stations and soon went to number one. Their second single "Qué Vida La Mía" also topped the Mexican charts as did their third single "Noviembre sin ti". Their fourth single, "Niña", failed to match the success of their previous singles, charting only at #33.

Their second album, Secuencia , was released on November 14, 2006, which featured the first single, "Invierno" (released on November 6), which gained a lot of popularity based Latin American airplay.

Reik has been nominated to the Latin Grammy in the category "Best New Artist". They have been nominated to "Premios Lo Nuestro", "Premios Juventud", and numerous other awards. The band also has 4 nominations to the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America in the categories of "Best Pop Artist", "Best Group", "Best Northern Region Artist", and "Best Northern Region New Artist", winning three out of four.

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