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Rosebud - The Jezabels

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Rosebud Lyrics

When I pick up my guitar
This is the song that always comes
Don't know what I'm singing 'bout
And don't know what for
I think about you
And I think about RosebudWish there was a song to sing
To bring you back
But you can't get here
From nowhere I guessRosebud's shipwrecked
Up on the Ohio
Behind a wall of glass
Telling me to take care of myself
And my friendsYou sing to a field of trees
And roses singing those melodies
Simple and easy
Where everything moves
Underneath you and Rosebud tooI wish there was a song to sing
To get you back

But you can't get here
From nowhere I guessRosebud's shipwrecked
Up on the Ohio
Behind a wall of glass
Telling me to take it easy
But I took a photographAnd she's just
A wooden machine
But you and Rosebud
You're still singing to me

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The Jezabels are an indie rock band from Sydney, New South Wales that formed in 2007. The group's members are Hayley Mary (vocals), Samuel Lockwood (guitar), Heather Shannon (piano/keyboard) and Nik Kaloper (drums).

We are a thing that came out of a few chance meetings at Sydney University. You see, Heather and Hayley had been playing music together for a while. Inevitably came the journey south from Byron - being their place of youth - to Sydney for a foray into higher education. Nik and Sam were studying at Sydney University also. And you know, for some reason you just meet people...

We don't have a manifesto as such, but we do have definite intentions in what we do. We wish to play pop, but with a recognizable element of self-awareness. We wish to be emotional, but with a sense of certainty that our audiences won't walk away thinking that we take ourselves too seriously. What is paramount is an attempt to push this thing called the culture industry in some direction which makes it more human. (I guess this is all too ambitious but oh well... We do try)

Heather studies piano at the conservatorium and reads a bit too much Russian literature. Hayley looks toward her personal canon of pop ballads for guidance in all situations and believes we must return to the way life was prior to the poker machine epidemic. Nik is a science student who imbues his drumming with formulas and mathematical complexities. Sam is a country music-playing, Marx-spouting communist with a love of all things meaningfully subversive.

The Jezabels have released 3 EPs: Dark Storm (2010), The Man Is Dead (2009) and She's So Hard (2009).

Their debut album Prisoner was released in September 2011.

Official site: http://www.thejezabels.com

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