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That's How It Goes - Kingspade

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That's How It Goes Lyrics

That's how it goes
When you feel so sad you feel so low
Life seems so bad I know, I know
That's how it goes
That's how it goes
You may think it's funny
But it always shows
Try to hide it honey, oh no, it shows
That's how it goes
Some people say
Everything's gonna be okay
Just give it a while
You'll find you're back
Back in style
But I don't know life will get better
I am sure they know
Sooner or later it shows, I know
That's how it goes

It's funny to see how easy life can be
Just sit back and smile
You'll find that life is worthwhile
That's how it goes
When you're on top the whole world knows
Wouldn't want to stop it, oh no, it shows
That's how it goes
That's how it goes

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Kingspade originated in southern cali. The two members from kottonmouth kings "D-Loc and Johnny Richter" show their true skills in rhymes about weed drinking and partying originated from the i.e and o.c. Both were childhood friends growing up in P-town living a block away playing on the same team, P-town ballers (PTB). Kingspade was made up from king, as in Kottonmouth King, Spade as in SRH spade. Now you have Kingspade, the tag team duo put heart and soul with bumpin' beats courtesy of DJ Bobby B.

Although they still draw from the same California hardcore punk and Beastie Boys eclecticism as Orange County rapmetal outfit the Kottonmouth Kings, Johnny Richter (Tim McNutt) and D-Loc (Dustin Miller) splintered off to create a more strictly rap group, Kingspade, in the early 2000s. Still a part of the Suburban Noize family, Richter and D-Loc spit their stoner rhymes over beats with heavy Southern bass and G-funk party grooves instead of the raprock fusion. The two knew each other way before the formation of the Kottonmouth Kings as childhood friends in Placentia, CA. Richter was not an original member of Kottonmouth, but he had been friends with the entire band. Richter became an official MC/vocalist in time for their second album, Hidden Stash (1999), after another member departed. Richter and D-Loc debuted as Kingspade on the sixth Kottonmouth Kings LP, Fire It Up, in 2004. Carving out a new fan base from Suburban Noize's cult following, they released their eponymous fulllength later that August and returned in 2007 with P.T.B., an acronym for "PTown (as in Placentia) Ballers."

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