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The Lady Is a Tramp - Lady Gaga

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The Lady Is a Tramp Lyrics

She gets too hungry for dinner at 8
(I'm starving)She loves the theater but she never comes late
I never bother with people that I hate
That's why this chick is a trampShe doesn't like crap games with barons and earlsWon't go to Harlem in ermine and pearls
And I definitely won't dish our dirt with the rest of those girlsThat's why the lady is a trampI love the free fresh wind in my hair
Life without careOh, I'm so broke,It's OKI hate California. It's crowded and dampThat's why the lady is a trampI'm a tramp!
Sometimes I go to Coney IslandOh, the beach is divineI love the YankeesJeter is just fineI follow Rogers and HartShe sings every line
That's why the lady is a trampI love the prize fight
That isn't a fakeNo fakes
And I love to rowboat with you and your wife in Central Park Lake
She goes to the opera and stays wide awake
Yes I do
That's why this lady is a tramp
She likes the green (green) grass (grass) under her shoes
What can I lose? 'cause I got no dough (Oh no?)
I'm all alone when I lower my lamp
That's why the lady is a tramp

I love your free, fresh, I love your handkerchief in my hair
Life without care
But I'm so broke!
That's OK!
Hates California, it's cold and it's dampThat's why the lady is a tramp
That's why this lady is a tramp!That's why the lady is a tramp
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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), who performs under the stage name Lady Gaga, is a singer, songwriter and musician from New York City, New York, United States.

Before Gaga adopted her stage name she was in a band called Stefani Germanotta Band. She released her first EP, "Red and Blue", in early 2006. The following year, music producer Rob Fusari dubbed her Lady Gaga, inspired by the Queen song "Radio Gaga". After this she recorded her first two songs as Lady Gaga (Fever and Wonderful) on Def Jam records, but was later let go.

She began her career as a songwriter for some of pop music's biggest stars, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids On The Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon. After Akon recognized that Gaga also had vocal talent, he signed her to a joint deal with his own label, Kon Live Distribution, and then she started to work on her own new material for her debut album.

Gaga released "The Fame" in 2008, which she explained was "about how anyone can feel famous." To date, the album has spawned the international number one hit singles "Just Dance" (nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 51st Grammy Awards) and "Poker Face." The Fame then went Diamond in February 2010, Selling over 12 million copies worldwide.

She then continued to release a new album 1 year later, "The Fame Monster", which she wasn't intending to make at first. She released "Bad Romance" as the first single, and has been nominated for dozens of awards all over the world. After The Fame Monster was released she released two more singles "Telephone (feat. Beyonce)" and "Alejandro". She released "Dance in the Dark" as a promotional single, but only released it in Australia, New Zealand and France. She has been touring almost constantly since "The Fame Monster" was released, referring to her shows as The Monster Ball.

Lady Gaga announced her new album name, "Born This Way" at the 2010 MTV VMAs. It is set to be released in 2011, an official date has not been set yet.

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