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Today - NewWorldSon

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Today Lyrics

Time to get up and face it
Time to endure that aching
Time, I must keep account of
Time, the exact amount of
My life you've entwined in the game that you've designed
To waste my time, my precious time
All gone down the drain
Now it's time to break the chain
Today's the day
Today's the day
We settle our scores
Because tommorrow we're gonna wake up
Time, there is no such thing as
Time, just the endless ring of
Time after time of constant

Time wasted wrestling with
Something someone said that got glued inside your head
Somewhere in time, in ancient time
Hope the memory dies
Then you finally realize
Today's the day
How many years must we continue
With bitter tears upon the menu?
The same old fears, a different venue
Now it appears the stress will end you
Let's get it all out in the open
Somebody call and make it happen
In the boardroom, on the backstreets
Hugs and kisses, knives or axes
Why not here, why not now?
Why not here, why not now?
Why not today?

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Armed with inspirational lyrics and a fresh new sound, Newworldson is rescuing soul music from being a mere genre or label and returning the art form to its sacred roots. Singer Joel Parisien says, "there's a lack of community in people's lives today. If you trace back the roots of 'roots' music, of 'soul' music, of 'folk' music, it's about folks; it's social music. We hope our fans become our friends. We hope they leave our shows feeling inspired. Our community is about uplifting people.

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