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Voicemail - Castro Escobar

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Voicemail Lyrics

But not when you hold me
Your beauty weighs on me
This feeling's too good)
(Hey, listen!)
But not when you hold me
But not when you - me
Not when you hold me
You you you)
What did I ever do to you for you to treat me like I was shit?
I gave up everything for you and then you left me when I did
Whenever times was ugly tell me who would hold you down?
When you didn't have nobody tell me who would stick around?
I'm the only one who knows you and I never did expose you

I regret that I take the chance, that I chose you
I was down to the beginning and you didn't act like you heard nothing
Out here with these bitches that's drinking, smoking and fucking
And I hate how you've been acting like you don't even give a fuck
I hate the fact I'd take you back
I hate the blame that's caused by love
You promised me forevers
You told me that you'd never leave
And everything you told me I was so quick to believe
But you had tricks all up your sleeves
You had me fooled, had me deceived
And I was oh-so very sure you'd be the only thing I need
But I don't fucking need you
I'm tired of showing you compassion
I hope you fucking die and I hate you with a passion
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