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UNDERCODE was formed in 1997, in Zagreb, Croatia. Today you can consider us an intercontinental metal act, because th...


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Us refers to 2 groups:

1. 2 dudes from Pittsbugh, Pa

2. 2 people from somewhere else 1. us...


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Uniklubi (which translates as 'Dream Club', although it means nothing to the band), is a popular Finnish rock band th...


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There's more than one band with the name Uma:

1. Uma — an experimental rock band.

2. UMA...

Ugly Duckling

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Ugly Duckling are a hip hop trio, formed in 1993 in Long Beach, California. Ugly Duckling's members are Dizzy Dustin,...

Umphrey's McGee

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Umphrey's McGee is a progressive rock / jam band from South Bend, IN now based in Chicago, IL. They are influenced m...


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Undersmile are a Female-Fronted Sludgecore band from Oxford, England.

They are-Taz Corona-Brown on Vocal...


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There are at least 4 artists by the name UR: For the Detroit technos see Underground Resistance. 1) UR is one of th...

Under Byen

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Under Byen is a Danish band founded in 1995 mainly by Katrine Stochholm and Henriette Sennenvaldt. Under Byen (Danis...

Unter Null

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Unter Null is an electronic music project formed by Erica Dunham in 1998 in Seattle, WA, now currently based in Hambu...


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Doper Typ!

Umse on Last.fm.



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There are at least 8 bands with the name "Ultimatum":

1. - A thrash metal band from the USA,<...

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