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Xutos & Pontapés

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Xutos & Pontapés is a Portuguese rock band, formed in 1978, in Lisboa, Portugal.

In the last 30 yea...


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There is at least 5 projects with name "XS". 1. Finnish band that consists of five 16-18 year old girls fr...


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Xlover is Bryan Black, Oli Grasset & friends. Black and Grasset also work under the name "Motor". Minim...


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Though many have simply tagged the soundtrack to the Vin Diesel film "xXx" incorrectly, there are at least...


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Straight Edge hardcore band from Kiev, Ukraine.

xDEVIANTx on Last.fm.



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1) XXL is a collaboration between Xiu Xiu and Larsen. They have made three albums, ¡Ciaütistico! (2005), ¿Spicchio...


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X3 started in the summer of 2006 after a call from guitarist Borge Olzen to dutch bassplayer Joeri Hommerson to reco...


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Васил "STARTERAss" Митрев, Kонстантин "Killa K" Илиев и Павел &quo...

XXX Maniak

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In 2004, two men who have stints as being label bosses, pro gamblers, strip club owners, and pornography producers de...


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Everything began in 1988 when Jan L. from Bochum, Germany used his legendary C64 for combining electronic sounds with...

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