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Daylight Hours - Infusion

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Daylight Hours Lyrics

I've been burning these same boards
Getting bored and restless, I've got itchy feet
I'm gonna hit the dance floor
Gonna pave the way for a new and better me than I was todayGonna laugh in face of death, jump off a cliff like a fool
Too busy staring at the sun but it's fun
To be someone else for a change of heart
Of mind of body and soul in time to the pulse of your bloodAnd breath in the neck of the world
And all that mother nature can hold and give and love and feel
Don't you get my drift? Did you get the pack
Did you get the set? Did you get the joke
Did you get the outcome?My stuff's bigger than your stuff
Sit back down try get your head together
Optimist, did you read that eye towers seizing every second
More so every second burning bright lighting the road ahead
Stepping down the path of many fearedA tread beam lead by the higher mind who will find
That sometimes its best to leave the past behind
Why cry at the moon for what was lost
Too soon the things you didn't do all the forgotten tunesYou gotta remember that everything you own ain't everything you are

This is the third trip in the back of your car
Filled with memories flashing by like liquid sky
Like electric stars that define everything that we are
I'm getting hypnotized I've come too farI was trying too hard now everything keeps shifting in and out of time
Let's venture forth into the unknown
Heads bursting with light blazing through
The uncharted streets write our namesFifty feet high in the minds of all the people we meet
Draw a halo around your head where God looks down
And blesses the genetics of red roof tiles, golden gates
Emerald isles and the lands where the sun is slowly risingLet's dance tonight beneath the Milky Way
Some won't make it back but that's okay
This is a moment that can't be missed so it's worth the risk
Touching the bullets of a silicone centuryNothing now can sully the sound of a drummers beating
The humidity from the sky for the love
For the beat of the rush of future is ours
It's coming the future is brightSeizing every second

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Infusion is a dance/electronica group from Wollongong, Australia formed by Frank Xavier, Manny Sharrad and Jamie Stevens. It was initially involved in the mid-90's Australian rave scene, penning the anthems "Smokescreen" and "Green". Infusion's debut album was released in Australia in 2000. "Phrases and Numbers" had several singles, including "Legacy" and "Starwater, It's Alright", both of which were favorites of DJ Dave Seaman who had in turn released remixes of Infusion songs on his "Audio Therapy" label.

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