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Magentalane - Klaatu

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Magentalane Lyrics

My my what a lovely day
Could it be that we've arrived in fair Magentalane
There were times, many times
When I thought we wouldn't make it
I was quite prepared to take it like a man
But here I amAye aye bring our best champagne
We'll drink a toast, you and I, to fair Magentalane
Now let me see well shouldn't I make a speech
Or say something in Greek
Perhaps recite a Browning poem, but why
When the only thing that's on my mind is
It feels so good
It feels so good
It feels so good to be back at homeIn Magentalane
Where the sea of pink champagne flows
Under rose-colored bainrows
I mean rainbowsYes there were times, several times

I was sure we'd been defeated
As our Hopes became depleted through the years
But now we're hereSo if you please it's time to take our leave
The road to liberty awaits us on the aerodrome incline
Gonna leave that bad old world behind
'Cause it feels so good
It feels so good
It feels so good to be back at home

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Klaatu was a Canadian progressive rock band formed in 1973 and disbanded in 1982. Members John Woloschuk, Dee Long and Terry Draper lived in Toronto. They released five studio albums, the most famous of which is the 1976 debut 3:47 EST (AKA Klaatu), which, due to a rumor started by a DJ, was believed by some to be a front for new work by The Beatles. The album's artwork contained no credits for the performers, and there were at times vocal similarities with Lennon and McCartney. That album's song "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" became a hit when covered by Carpenters.

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