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Operator - Real McCoy

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Operator Lyrics

Invaders, crusaders, emergency operators.
Somebody's watching you watching me, somebody out there,
though it is not an illusion a vision,
It's reality, you better watch out watch out watch out,
They could be everywhere.
Defenders surrender forget about the logical limit,
'cause straight out of space they came to rescue the planet.
Invaders, crusaders, emergency operators.Somebody's watching you watching me, somebody.
Operator, operator, this is an emergency,
Somebody's watching me, operator, operator this is an emergency.
(operator emergency)
Operator, operator, this is an emergency,
Somebody's watching me.
Operator, operator, this is an emergency.
(operator emergency)The story continues, don't worry be happy,
Don't panic 'cause the strangers from out of space ain't cruel or satanic.
They came to save the human race before we're lost in space

We've reached a point of no return, we've got to live and learn.
We are the space invaders, we are the space invaders,
On a mission to control the universe. We are the space invaders,
The star crusaders, on a mission to save planet earth.We are the space invaders...we are the space invaders.
(Emergency)We are the space invaders.
We are the space invaders.
We are the space invaders.

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Real McCoy, originally known as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy, was a German Eurodance group, who are best known for their international hits Another Night in 1993 and Run Away in 1994. Real McCoy was the brainchild of German rapper and producer Olaf "O-Jay" Jeglitza. After having released a few limited edition 12" singles in Germany under the name "The Alliance" with friend Frank "Quickmix" Hassas, their first major breakthrough came in December 1989 when a cover of the Technotronic hit "Pump Up The Jam" went to #16 on the German singles chart.

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