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Play Something Country - Brooks & Dunn

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Play Something Country Lyrics

Yes, she blew through the door like TNT,
Put her hand on her hip, pointed a finger at me.
Said "I'm a whiskey drinking, cowboy chasing, helluva time.
"I like Kenny, Keith, Allan and Patsy Cline.
"I'm a full grown queen bee looking for honey.
"Ha oh ho, aw, play something country."
Yeah, the band took a break,
The DJ played P Diddy.
She said "I didn't come here to hear,
Something thumping from the city."
Said "I, I shaved my legs, I paid my money."
Ha oh ho, play something country."
"Ha oh ho, aw, play something country."
Crank up the band, play the steel guitar.
Hank it up a little, let's rock this bar.

Threw back a shot, yelled "I'm a George Strait junkie."
"Ha oh ho, play something country."
"Ha oh ho, aw, play something country."
Yeah, the bartender yelled "y'all, it's closing time."
She got this wild look on her face,
An' said "Your truck or mine,
"I know a place down the road,
"It's kinda funky.
"Ha oh ho, all out in the country.
"Ha oh ho, now, play something country."
[Chorus: x2]
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Brooks & Dunn were a country music singer-songwriter duo, the most successful in the history of country music. Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn debuted as Brooks & Dunn in 1991. They have since won the Vocal Duo Award of the Country Music Association every year between 1992 and 2005, with the exception of 2000 in which Southern Rock duo Montgomery Gentry took the honor. Other notable awards include the CMA Album of the Year award for 1994 and the Entertainer of the Year gong for 1996. As of 2004, the duo had won 19 CMA awards and remain the foremost duo in their genre.

Brooks & Dunn's music covers the full range of modern country music, and their chart-topping hits have included everything from the Ronan Keating-penned ballad "The Long Goodbye," through the Rivers Rutherford-written "Ain't Nothing About You," to the gospel music-influenced "Believe." They are also associated with being pioneers of the line dance craze of the mid-1990s. One of their hits, "Boot Scootin' Boogie" - the video for which was made in Tulsa, Oklahoma - is most emblematic of this style.

Both band members write, sing, and play guitar. One or both artists writes or co-writes a large majority of their material, and self-penned successes include the 2004 smash "Red Dirt Road" which the duo wrote together. Both artists have served as song-writers for other artists too. Ronnie Dunn co-wrote country superstar Toby Keith's song "Don't Leave I Think I Love You" which appeared on his 2003 album Shock'n Y'all. Dunn's vocal performances have tended to be released as radio singles: recent hits "You Can't Take the Honkytonk Out of The Girl," "Red Dirt Road," "It's Getting Better All The Time," "That's What It's All About," "Play Something Country," and "Believe" all feature Ronnie Dunn singing lead vocals.

Brooks & Dunn are renowned for their high-energy stage shows. Recent tours have featured Australian country singer Keith Urban, fellow duo Montgomery Gentry, and successful country newcomer Gretchen Wilson. Their latest Deuces Wild tour of 2005 featured fellow country duo Big and Rich. In 2006, the duo opened for the Rolling Stones at their Omaha, Nebraska show.

The duo's songs have been used by President George W Bush as his official campaign songs in both his election and re-election campaigns. In 2000, the then Texas Governor chose the blue-collar line-dance-friending hit of the mid-1990s, "Hard Workin' Man," and in 2004, the President selected the (pre-9/11) hit patriotic "Only in America." Brooks & Dunn both supported the President's re-election campaign, performing at a Republican rally featuring Laura Bush on the eve of the election.

Their latest album is Hillbilly Deluxe which features the number 1 single "Play Something Country."

On August 10, 2009, the duo issued a statement on their website announcing that they were splitting up after 20 years of making music together. The split is amicable, with a final album forthcoming in September 2009 and a final tour in 2010.

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