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Protector - Iron Savior

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Protector Lyrics

I came from far beyond the time
this is my manor
I'm reaching for the crown
and now it shall be mine
this is my realm
from far beyond the timeOut in the vast
I've been waiting for revenge
try to defeat me
I will break through your defenseProtector
will get inside your mind
I will enlight you
free you from the blind
will terminate the pain
I will enlight your
sick and wicked brainsI am your ProtectorThis is my requiem of revenge
This is my rancour
I creep inside your mind

into your very soul
I have the power
I am in controlOutcast in the void
now I'm stronger than before
landed to retake the crown
your conquerer comes ashoreProtector
....I creep inside
your very mind
into your soul I'm in controlProtector
....I will get inside your mind
I will free you from the blind
I will teminate the pain
enlight your wicked brains

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Iron Savior is a heavy metal band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1996. It was formed by Piet Sielck (ex-Savage Circus), Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray), Thomas 'Thomen' Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian,Savage Circus). Both Sielck and Hansen handled lead vocal duties, Sielck doing the most parts and was also the lower voice and Hansen the higher and sang occasionally. The band has a science-fiction theme to their writing. Most of their songs narrate an elaborate story based on a plot involving a self-aware space vessel (the Iron Savior) constructed by the lost continent of Atlantis.

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Iron Savior