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Scumbag - Alkaline

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Scumbag Lyrics

You come around every now and then
Your clothes are different but youre still the same
Why else would you come here?
Scumbag on a missionYoure telling me that its been a while
Shit-eating grin and a brand new lie
Somebody let you come here
Scumbag with permissionNever thought Id see
The likes of you 'round this place
Whats the special occasion?
Did you run out of friends?Here you are, comin' round again
And things are different but you still pretend
Youve got a reason to come here
Scumbag with ambitionAnd now youre telling me that things have changed
And youll be leavin' in a couple of days
Youre gonna change the world someday
Scumbag with a visionIt must be nice to know
Youve got it all figured out
But from where Im sittin'

Its the same thing again and againYou never stop to think
Before you open up your mouth
'Cause every time you do
Its the same thing again and again

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This name is used for at least three different bands:
1. Brazilian psychedelic trance project that oscillates from a heavy night fullon to great morning hi-tech music. 2. A dub music project by the members of the Canadian band Big Sugar, which released one album, "Extra Long Life". 3. A young Dancehall artist Alkaline says his music represents everything that society is afraid of and society represents everything that he is afraid of. Alkaline comes to the fore with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and slick production, and undoubtedly one of ‘the Baddest” lyrist to watch in 2013.

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