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Still Here - Travis Greene

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Still Here Lyrics

I was thinkin, so deep in sin
Til' grace and mercy, decided to take me in
and place my feet on a rock to stand
its unbelieveable i'm not the same man
Thata use to fuss
Dance in the closest cuss
mixed up true love with luss
and got my flesh in some stuff
that shouldve taken me out
now i can shout about the fact that
i'm still here *3
i'm still here through the rain, through the pain
through the tears, and every fear
you promised you'll never leave me

nor forsake me, and if the devil could kill me
he wouldve done it by now
i'm still holding on to his hand, standing strong
can't comprehend why he would love and keep me
stand above me and treat me as if i was cool enough to be called his friend
but he still use me even though i know i dont deserve it and he still chose me to perform his work although i know im not worthy and like peter i've denied him more than i can count but god's love refuse to fail me and he alwayz bail me out i'm still here (chrous)
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