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Tranquila reflexión - Tarkus

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Tranquila reflexión Lyrics

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Tarkus, the heaviest of all bands from Peru, was formed in 1971. The members were Peruvians Alex Nathanson and Walo Carillo (the great drummer from Los Holy's) and Argentinians Dario Gianella and Guillermo Van Locke. It was Guillermo Van Locke, the group's bass player, who approached two members of Telegraph Avenue: Alex Nathanson, singer and acoustic guitar, and Walo Carrillo, drums and percussion. Tarkus was recorded from April 3rd to May 16th, 1972. Fifty copies were made, all of them test pressings with the standard MAG label, most to be given away as promotional material and a few copies to be sold in stores, making it the most saught-after album from South America.

Tarkus is band from Gothenburg, existing of Kalle Lilja (Guitars a.etc. devices, keyboards, piano), KDW (Bass and Voice), Jesper "JeppeBil" Pihl (Drums and Percussion) and Jonathan "The Man" Rinvall (Rythm
In late 2006, Kalle Lilja quited the band and the rest of the members decided to split up.
But they still have plans to record the 'An Observation' album in early 2007.
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