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Watcher In The sky - Iron Savior

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Watcher In The sky Lyrics

I'm watching the mountains
I'm watching the sea
Observing the creatures
I am lost - set me free!
Across the heavens I made my way
I've seen empires rise and blown away
I have arrived my destiny
But after all there's just emptiness in me
Out in the darkness - I am going mad
Where are the others - there's silence in my head
'Cause I'm a watcher in the sky
I've seen universes die
Out in the cold my systems overload
I'm here and lost in time
Watcher in the sky - sky
I am trapped in this nightmare
Endless tortures and pain
Millenniums have gone by

Uhhh, it drives me insane!
Who am I now?
I'm not a man - I'm not machine
I gave my life for it for the Iron Savior dream
'Cause I'm a watcher in the sky...
Hooked - hooked to the circuits
Of a lifeless, cold machine
Lost in a world of artificial means
Ripped - ripped out of my body
I'll stand the test of time
Am I perpetual - Am I devine?
I'm the watcher in the sky
My soul has drowned
In the tears I cannot cry
I'm the watcher the chosen one
But I am lost in time
I'm the watcher in the sky
I've seen the years gone by
I am the chosen one
Out in the cold my systems overload
I'm here and lost in time
Watcher in the sky - sky
Watching the mountains
Watching the sea
Watching the creatures
You'll never be free
Watcher in the sky - sky
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Iron Savior is a heavy metal band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1996. It was formed by Piet Sielck (ex-Savage Circus), Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray), Thomas 'Thomen' Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian,Savage Circus). Both Sielck and Hansen handled lead vocal duties, Sielck doing the most parts and was also the lower voice and Hansen the higher and sang occasionally. The band has a science-fiction theme to their writing. Most of their songs narrate an elaborate story based on a plot involving a self-aware space vessel (the Iron Savior) constructed by the lost continent of Atlantis.

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